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Sexual & Reproductive Health Awareness Week

The Canadian Federation for Sexual Health challenges you to Heart Your Parts !

Heart Your Parts is about recognizing the importance of your sexual health as part of your overall well being, and working together to build a stronger culture of healthier and happier sex positive individuals engaging in healthy sexual behaviours.

By affirming and pursuing your right to sexual and reproductive health, and encouraging others to do so, you can help create the foundation for a culture where everyone’s rights to good health are acknowledged and celebrated. We all express our sexuality in different ways, but all informed and consensual forms of sexual expression are worth celebrating.

When we talk openly about sexual health, we help create a culture where our diverse sexual and reproductive health rights and needs are respected in a safe and sex positive way.

Educating yourself about protection, getting tested, knowing your risks, and learning how to communicate with partners and your health care provider , helps create the healthy consent-based culture that you, your parts, and your community deserve. Don’t wait, it’s time to Heart Your Parts

On our website you will find information on

  • Sexually transmitted infections (STI) and how to protect yourself
  • How to prevent pregnancy
  • How to get what you need from health professionals
  • Communication skills to help you build positive and consensual sexual relationships with your partners.

You can also find links on our Heart Your Parts Blog where we will share things we can do to help everyone Heart their Parts. We also have campaign materials like posters, and online resources for you to share if you want to take communication to the next level. You can also participate in our video contest by creating and reviewing sexual health promotion videos.

The opinions expressed on the website are those of the Canadian Federation for Sexual Health and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Public Health Agency of Canada. .