Highlighting a Nurse Practitioner and their Role in the Community

Shawn Cooper grew up in Fortune, Newfoundland, and attended nursing school at The Grace General Hospital in St. John’s, graduating in 1996. Shortly after, he moved to Gander where he practiced for 16 years in ICU/Emergency Department. While working as a site coordinator, Shawn was encouraged to continue his education. Since he missed having direct contact with patients, he started thinking about the option of becoming a Nurse Practitioner (NP). Shawn decided to enroll in the post RN Nurse Practitioner program at MUN through distance in 2009.

After his program was complete, Shawn was looking for change and he and his wife moved from Gander to the Norris Point/Gros Morne Area after accepting a Nurse Practitioner position at the Bonne Bay Health Centre. Shawn has been working in Bonne Bay since June 2013, and travels to many rural communities to treat patients.

“Nursing is one of the most fulfilling and challenging, diverse careers you could imagine,” Shawn says.  He provides service across the full continuum of care; seeing inpatients in acute care, residents in long term care, and community clients in their homes. Shawn appreciates that he gets to use his full scope of practice and improve his clinical skills as a member of the health care team in a rural community.


“When you move to a rural area, it is more than just a job. People in rural areas often look to you as a community leader and an advocate. In this position, people put a lot of trust in you and you have a responsibility to return their respect and trust. It truly is a privilege to develop relationships with people in the community and provide services.”

Shawn feels that people who pursue Nurse Practitioner roles love being a nurse and believe they have more to offer their patients. Shawn suggests to RNs considering becoming Nurse Practitioners, to be comfortable in their role as an RN, to take time to develop their skills and enjoy being a RN before deciding to pursue their masters.

We thank Shawn Cooper for everything he does to enrich lives of clients, patients and residents of Bonne Bay/Port Saunders, and for his dedication to the Nurse Practitioner profession.


Written by: Heather Simmons, Human Resource Consultant

8 thoughts on “Highlighting a Nurse Practitioner and their Role in the Community”

  1. Shawn has always worked hard, no matter the job. He has been a true inspiration to the entire family, and we are all very proud of him and his accomplishments!

  2. I know Shawn very well and this write up is surely deserving I lived with Shawn’s Mom and Dad when I got my first job in Fortune(many moons ago lol) and at that time Shawn was about three years old!! I’m proud to say I saw him grow into this caring, loving and honest man he is today. Shawn has the Best Parents and I’m sure his dedication and compassion towards his patients was instilled in him from birth. Congratulations Shawn I know you worked hard to become a NP!! Eastern Health are lucky to have you

  3. What a great article! Shawn is an inspiration to all medical professionals. We undoubtedly need more guys like this in rural Newfoundland and Labrador.

  4. Congratulations, Shawn on your achievements. I’m sure your compassionate caring will touch the hearts of all your patients ❤️ Keep doing what you do best, and I hope you add a little humour to your work. Still have many fond memories of Friday nights at Twiggy’s

  5. Good for you Shawn, Congratulations &Best of Luck in your future endeavours. Edwin &Marg DeGruchy.

  6. I knew Shawn as a little Boy & his Mother & Father & we became like family & Shawn was a delight to be around showing his love to everyone . We are all Proud of the man he has become & knowing him so well , he did choose the right Profession for sure !! His Parents were surely examples of making Him the kind, thoughtfull ,caring Man he is today ! CONGRATULATIONS SHAWN & May God Bless You as you make other people’s days better

  7. Congratulations Shawn on your recent recognition, you surely deserve it. You are such a dedicated, hard working and compassionate young man. Your parents certainly taught you well. Good luck in your future endeavors ~ Your neighbours Dianne and Bow

  8. Shawn and Heather and their doggies, Jack & Ned, were our dearest next-door neighbors in Gander. We miss them so much!! Shawn is so deserving of this recognition! He’s a gentleman and true friend, and no doubt his professional mannerism and dedication to his work is just as profound …..friends always, Keith and Cindy xo

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