Mrs. Organ Goes Back to School

Although Mrs. Margaret Organ has been retired from teaching for more than 20 years, it is obvious to anyone who knows her that her teaching career meant a lot to her. The Long Term Care resident at Bonne Bay Health Centre was thrilled to visit students in the classroom this past spring. Mrs. Organ very much enjoyed her afternoon with Kindergarten and Grade 1 students at Gros Morne Academy.

Mrs. Organ was a teacher for thirty years so it is no surprise that one of the first people she saw when she arrived at the school was a former student. Only now that student is a teacher. She told him that she still remembers him and also recalls his parents.

In the classroom, Mrs. Organ saw that times have changed a little bit since she finished teaching in 1998. It was clear that some things have stayed the same though, when the Grade 1 students raised their hands to politely ask “Miss” some questions.  The students showed her the smartboard and she saw how markers have replaced chalk. By the time Mrs. Organ was ready to go, each of the students gave her a hug and told her to “Come back any time!”

Mrs. Organ sat in on story hour in the kindergarten classroom where she had a lovely chat with the children. When they asked her if she liked being a teacher she told them “I loved it.” Each of the students gave her a drawing which Mrs. Organ now has on display in the dining area.

The recreation therapy worker downloads tests and completes them with correct and incorrect answers for Mrs. Organ to correct. In her pastime now, Mrs. Organ can often been found grading Math and English tests and can find and correct mistakes without hesitation.

Mrs. Organ often admires the artwork created by kindergarten students and if you ask about her recent return to the classroom her eyes light up and she will tell you, “It made me so happy.”

The staff at Bonne Bay Health Centre are very appreciative of their relationship with the staff and students at Gros Morne Academy. Each year at the annual Christmas party the children perform for residents and the student council transforms into mummers. During Seniors month in June, residents visit the school for question and answer period with primary students. Residents also team up with the Family Resource Centre and made inspirational cards for kindergarten students. The mutual benefit of intergenerational activities is evident throughout their frequent interaction.

Beverly Payne, Recreation Therapy Worker, Bonne Bay Health Centre

5 thoughts on “Mrs. Organ Goes Back to School”

  1. Love this! It is so beneficial on so many levels. Hats off to the Recreation Therapy Worker for making it happen!

  2. Hi I’m Jennifer Margaret’s 4th child. I was so happy when Anne told me about this. I know mom really enjoyed this, as she always said she enjoyed working with children. She loved her job and we never heard as children any negativity about her job. Some people think as we age going into senior years they don’t have lots to offer and in fact they do. I work with seniors and think it is the most rewarding job I have. Mom taught us as her own children many important things about the world and the most important is to show compassion towards people. I’m so happy to have her in our home town nursing home and still have the fun of teaching. Thank you Bev and all the staff.

  3. That is a wonderful story on mrs Organ .she taught me in kindergarten. Wonderful teacher and a great person all around. Loved her dearly

  4. Awesome story, Mrs Organ taught me in grade 1. That was back in 1977. She was a force to be reckoned with. She was a great teacher. Caring , kind undercurrent she expected you to do your best. She didn’t take nonsense in her classes. But I was 6 so maybe I just remember being scared of her!
    She was and still is a remarkable lady. Thanks for the memories Mrs O.❤️

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